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More Gigs! Los Angeles area

Last saturday we turned up at Koo's cafe in orange county. Bare wood floors pretty much a house run by some indie rock kids an all - ages softdrink only affair(these u.s.a indie rock types are a real breed like all americans, skinny, effeminate, nice but not sure if they're holding you in polite contempt). I walked in to find a young garage band murdering a Weezer song. They had all the hallmarks of every teenage band you do your apprenticeship with. A drummer who sounds like he's building a set and drums constantly irrespective of if the rest of the band is playing or not. We were next. There were two teenage girls seated crosslegged in the corner having an informal chat with us about our equipment etc. We played a minimal set (maps, ounce etc) as room was pretty boomy and not many people were there. The crowd swelled to about 10 - 15 people. We sold about 5 albums though so things panned out OK. The last act of the night were called "students of witney high". this outfit is a group of people with disabilities backed by their teachers. The group resembled a dysfunctional sesame street ensemble. The "band" played studio smooth blues licks and the students chanted lyrics about riding the bus and other such topics. They have quite a following and have opened for the likes of Mr Bungle and the Melvins. It was strange and I found myself laughing at/with them they were pretty charged. Only in America.

The next night we played at Goldfingers a Hollywood type place i.e piercings, dyed hair a must. The sound wasn't so good there were a few people there but not much happened.

Tuesday night we played at a place called the opium den. It was a pretty boho looking place. Battered wooden floors, upstairs looked like a haunted house and we played to single digits. We played a bit awkardly but debut a new song called "invent the summer". Erin thought the show sounded really good since the P.A wasn't too bad. The next band were a typically alternate rock type band. Dressed slickly in black shirts and ties they played drop D, STP-type, tunes. One song featured the singer doing an anguished lords prayer midway through the tune as well as screaming "does everyone feel like getting a little crazzzzy!!!" during the middle eight - stadium antics regardless of whether your playing in a stadium or not. The last band were the highlight, more for their preparation than their delivery. The drummer was typically worn out Iron Maiden material or Thin Lizzy, older but no wiser. The guitarist looked like a glam and aged Wesley Crusher. There were two backing singers. The first was a long legged girl with a leather mini-skirt, sunglasses and tambourine. The second was some guy but the main attraction were the bass player and the lead vocalist/guitarist. The bass player was a young japanese man with pink tights, long hair, cowboy boots, a little makeup, plus a cowboy hat with goggles on top of it. The singer had tight black PVC pants on, a tight black t-shirt, dishevelled to perfection hair and a silver Les Paul. What made him special was the fact they he constantly doused his hips with talcum powder before the show to make sure his guitar could swivel in a smooth as possible fashion. Motley crue never went away. People seemed to be confused here with there New York Dolls and Glam Metal and punk thing but what would I know. I have to go my hand is hurting.

love Jamie


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