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Gig Thirteen - Great Northern - Byron Bay

We left Newwy at about Mid-day knowing all too well there would be no swimming today. The rain again spraying our brows with spit from the heavens. The road was slippery. We stopped a couple of times on the road, about an hour from Byron it was still raining hard, a car passed us with out a number plate and we all laughed due to the great number of cars passing us yesterday with the back seat windows broken and no number plates. 'Pet Sounds' blaring, filling every corner of the Tarago with sweet harmonies and crazy fade outs when suddenly in a slow motion flash the car in front with no number plate lost control and started spinning around the road, I hit the brakes fearing a bloody end to life, we locked up and stopped passing the car on the side of the road down a steep ditch facing the wrong way. We screeched to a halt in the rainy, slippery road and Pet Sounds continued like nothing had happened. Jordan, Jamie and I ran up to the crash site with trees and tyres everywhere I feared a bloody face or a scream for help. But when we got to where the car fallen off the road two girls were climbing up the side of the road, they were fine, unscathed after making sure they were alright we offered them a lift to Byron which they accepted. So luckily no blood. I hate blood. It just occurs to you the more your travelling from town to town the more chance you have of losing it on the road, we've been lucky, maybe.

Anyhooo the gig tonight was at the Great Northern Hotel in my favourite destination: Byron. It was dark when we got there so no swimming or getting lost down some sandy rock pool. Loaded in and ate at the hotel. It was just Art of Fighting and us tonight.

Art of Fighting were OF COURSE amazing. This was the second last time we would get to see them, so we all sat silent in the big empty room and listened carefully to sound produced. The big night starting and ending with a long stiff Vodka. I think we got a encore, but either way Wesley tells me that tonight in Byron and last night in Newwy were the best of the tour so far. There was noone there except friends (if you play Byron in winter expect a let down) but we didn't let the weather or the emptiness of the room affect our appetite for the night. We ate and drank deeply from her cup of whatever. We all went upstairs after the gig and went for it with bottles and bottles of beer and Vodka, Miles (AoF guitarist, who Wesley and I are in luv with) turned out to be the new 'chunks' of the tour (if you follow). I hit the bed leaving the noise of stumbling and shouting out, they may have played cards or they might have just finished off every last drop, I don't know but I awoke the next morning feeling like one does after a couple of nights 'O' savagery.

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