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November 9th-10th: Adelaide & Melbourne - Ben Grounds

With childlike excitement I boarded the aircraft of an aptly named company. This was the first time I had ever done this, and it both amazed me, and left me non-plussed. The grandeur of air travel and the associated luxury my imagination had developed quickly disintegrated as I became uncomfortably placed between, at very close proximity, 2 men who were as desperate for elbow space as I was.

At odds with my immediate personal environment was the scene outside - through and above the clouds - the clouds I stared and dreamed at; the clouds I always thought were out of reach; the clouds I'd only ever seen the bottom side of. The evening flight gave the parting sun a chance to show off one last time for the day, and the apparent disappearance of the horizon left the sky like a strawberry marble cake. As though watching the sand slowly going through its motions under the water on a day where the water doesn't hinder but makes more clear the proceedings under the sea.

In less time than it takes to drive I was in Adelaide and prepared for a night at the Crown and Sceptre...

I woke in no hurry the next day and decided to mosey around Adelaide. Which I remember I like more than most cities. Mostly because it is not much of a big city. And it has a good record store.

I haven't been to Adelaide without it raining and this time is no exception.

So we fly to Melbourne and out-altitude the rain (rain clouds look much better from above than they do from below) for an hour, and on re-entry to the real world discover that it's colder and wetter than Adelaide. And we load into the pub with no lights.

Despite a relatively non-rowdy night we get to our hotel just in time to have nowhere near enough sleep before we awake to catch the plane again. It feels otherworldly to be able to transcend the weather, and then outrun it to Sydney by about ten hours. I'm mesmerized by the lack of boundaries above the clouds - no horizons, no obstacles, just one big soft fluffy base to this world. Then when we've left the clouds behind I can see so much of the country in one glance I'm overwhelmed - I can almost see my entire history from a plane on a Sunday morning in one instant.

And all of a sudden I've done 3 cities in 3 days in a very rock fashion. And it was nice to see our welcoming committee when we get home, Ben in particular gave the fans what they wanted, all waves and smiles.


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