Manning Bar, Sydney 26-08-06

Review by Andrew Weaver

It’s safe to say that an event quite like this will be a long time coming again in Sydney’s musical history. As such, it was fabulous to see the university bar crowded and eager, awaiting Sydney’s premier live act Bluebottle Kiss to unleash the entire sounds of Doubt Seeds with a full 13 piece band on stage.

But first there was The Model School, fresh from launching their debut album “Alarm Clock Radiation”, and experimentalists Pivot, taking time away from recording their next release/touring as past of Triosk. But it was Bluebottle Kiss that the crowd was waiting for, and it’s safe to say that they didn’t disappoint. 

Of course, Bluebottle Kiss haven’t been disappointing for over a decade – from their early forays as a three-piece, to fresh-faced newcomers to the burgeoning Murmur label, to now being safely at home ensconced within the confines of the excellent Nonzero, having unleashed a succession of brilliant albums over the last five years on the Sydney indie.

“Doubt Seeds” may be the pick of the bunch – an epic double-album effort, the scope of performing the entire thing in the live arena is something that, perhaps, only Bluebottle Kiss would have the ability to pull together. From “Your Mirror is a Vulture” through to the closing “Silent. Golden”, ending with Jamie in the arms of the crowd. After such an amazing two hours, the band came back for an encore performance of “Everything Begins and End at Exactly the Right Time”, then another encore of “Father’s Hands”.

That Triple J is not supporting this independent Sydney band is a DISGARCE. They should be ASHAMED of themselves. No other independent Australian band would have the ability to release a succession of fantastic releases like Bluebottle Kiss have done, have a rabid fanbase such as that witnessed at the Manning Bar, and do it all off their own bat. That songs as good as ‘The Judas Hands’ and ‘White Rider’ can’t buy airplay on Australia’s national alternative radio station is deplorable. Whilst not fashionable, Bluebottle Kiss have the rare distinction of being a band of actual artistic worthiness, complete with a bevy of sensational releases behind them. If ever there was a band deserving of accolades such as the Australian Music Prize, the J Awards, and so on and so forth, it’s this one.




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