smother it in honey

Have you been peeping past your own windowpane...
Oh yeah, once again?
I ainít your cistern, but I somehow feel like Iím to blame
Thereís a space that needs to be
Re-filled by something that seems....
Something that we both forgot
Oh you know Iím a leper
But all us lepers know we canít change our spots

You canít be the one to wash me clean
Please donít save me because you know that you will ruin me

How do you live that life?
Do you smother it in honey so that it seems full?
Feel like Iím slicing through your life
Slowly with a rubber knife
I never meant to be this cruel
Weíve romanticising rifts 
Trying to find something that seems
Something that could be so true
You can see how steep it is as you take another step
Itís as you take sip girl, your mother wouldnít have a clue

You canít be the one to take me home to wash me clean
Please donít save me because you know that you will ruin me
Iím in two minds that youíre not my long lost sister twin
Turn off your heart before darkness begins to set in

And I will wait because Iím on trial
To see how far I hold this down
And I could walk a country mile
For solutions paper airplanes
Black water well or shooting star
You know that this on the brink...
Weíll soon forget and weíll become
A chance reflection in the kitchen sink.

You love things so much when theyíre gone
No time to think no time to try
Time to forget not to revile
Oh no not you again hey you could be...
My worst best friend





design: kirrily walker

painting: chad carey

hosting: allette systems