boredom you are breaking my heart

Boredom you are breaking my heart once again
If I could I would disown you - pretend that I did not know you
You're not my friend - more like my evil twin
Can we arrange some better time to appoint to pull this tooth end the chagrin?

Every morning wake up clutching at the sky
A flash of blue across the horizon
And these clouds seem to be sizing
Up our dreams, like some divine comedy
I love the sea, cause nobody
Can feel nothing else but small
Do you believe, like I do
That when your sleep possesses you
That somnambulism's holy
Undevoted scribe of nothingness it seems
If you keep slaving for these dreams
When you lose your mind, can you ever think
Anybody could, possibly think like you ?
Yes I do, and yes you do
Seems like a storm inside a teacup
Just stupid dreams, just whitewashed schemes

I throw this up, all over you
In the end, is that the truth





design: kirrily walker

painting: chad carey

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