barbed wire star

Infatuation gripped again I can make myself so sick with lonely plans
And I watch the sky miles out and act out scenes
That only ever take place in my dreams 

Could you just be my imaginary friend?
Well I wait on for this
And it stings me like some kiss that's meant for someone else
And leaves me questioning myself
On several lonely Saturdays
Like some slug who's trail has lost it's way

Feel this pounding in my head
Like there's someone beneath the floorboards bashing on my bed
Like a vice that's chained around my echo chamber heart
I stop and stutter so noiselessly defeated
Are you one of them?

It's a barbed wire star kiss
When your hand 's clamped up when you think your mighty like a rose
But freeze can't even feel your toes
A little kid from far within who doesn't know where to begin

Hey blue sky black pearl it's sad and sick and true
That all the lies you told your father you'll properly feed me too
And I just don't know where to start and I won't begin to try
This is my resignation I was destined to fly and die

Feel like I'm dribbling in the wind and it's raining spit again

I'll never die for you like two ships passing in the night
Your on my mind but your out of my sight
I'll stop trying for you, I never lied for you
Nothing's started so nothings through
It's over, left no clues





design: kirrily walker

painting: chad carey

hosting: allette systems