gig guide



Wed 13th, Sept

The Red Room Cocktail Lounge – Santa Cruz

with Sin in Space

Thur 14th, Sept

Stork Club – San Francisco


Friday 15th, Sept

Miao miao – Portland
(all ages)

with Stereo Crash, San Denzmore, Silver Hocks

Saturday 16th, Sept

Ash Street Saloon – Portland

with Owners, Last of the Juanitas, Richie White

Saturday 23rd, Sept

The Crocodile Cafe – Seattle


Friday, 9th June

Newtown R.S.L, Newtown

with Rocket Science & Browning

Sunday, 11th June

last solo show before U.S.

Ben solo with Purplene & Peabody


--U.S. TOUR--


Thursday, 6th July

The Boomarang, San Francisco


Saturday, 8th July

Mr. Luckies, Chico


Monday, 10th July

The Press Club, Sacramento


Tuesday, 11th July

Al's Bar, LA


Thursday, 13th July

Coconut Teaszer, LA

should be... interesting

Monday, 17th July

Cocodrie, San Francisco


Tuesday, 18th July

Old Ironsides, Sacramento


Thursday, 20th July

Goldfingers, LA


Friday, 21st July

The Yucatan, Santa Barbara


Saturday, 22nd July

Java Joes, Riverside


Sunday, 23rd July

Cocodrie, San Francisco


Monday, 24th July

KUCR radio live show

Day show

Monday, 24th July

Java Joes, Riverside


Wed, 26th July

Coconut Teaszer, LA


Friday, 28th July

Coconut Teaszer, LA


Wed, 2nd Aug

Java Joes, Riverside


Friday, 4th Aug

Boomarang, San Francisco


Saturday, 5th Aug

Koo's cafe, Orange County


Sunday, 6th Aug

Goldfingers, LA


Wed, 9th Aug

The Opium Den, LA


Thursday, 10th Aug

Al's Bar, LA


Friday, Aug 11th

Solar Culture, Tuscon Arizona

with Wisefolkmalcontent

Saturday, 8th April

Caringbah Bizzo's, Sydney

with Underground Lovers

Sunday, 9th January

Hopetoun Hotel, Surry Hills

Ben solo with Golden Rough + El Mopa

Wed, 19th January

Hopetoun Hotel, Surry Hills

Ben solo with Golden Rough + Starky


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